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Have you ever sat through a boring DEI training that barely kept you engaged?

Traditional DEI initiatives regularly take the one-and-done approach—an afternoon lecture that barely scratches the surface—believing that some training is better than none.

At Untrivial® we know that transforming culture takes time. Our brains have learned to operate a certain way over the course of our lives, and it won’t change after one workshop. Instead, effective DEI training programs are continuous learning journeys.

That’s where Untrivial® comes in. 

Untrivial® is a comprehensive evidence-based training program that uses fun, quiz-based competition to curate customized learning journeys that increase the understanding of, and empathy for, the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Why Our Model?

  • Carefully curates a learning journey with ongoing reinforcement— rather than a "brain dump" of information that is almost immediately forgotten.

  • A program where employees can easily “bump into” learning.

  • Immediately brings different groups together as they work to reach a goal.

  • Employees can access our training when they have the time and space to give it the attention it deserves.

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